Kicking Off The Season: Women’s Soccer Preview

By Maci Bakarich

Our Lady Falcons have an eventful schedule for the 2017-2018 winter season. It will be the second year since the soccer season was transitioned into a winter team sport. Last year was a big change for our players as they had to play all of their games strictly on turf fields. All home soccer games were moved under the lights at Sac City College in Hughes Stadium. This was an exciting environment for our Falcons to showcase their talents. This season, the ladies will compete in eleven matches, not including any possible play-off games. The team takes their pre-season very seriously and expects a large amount of support from their fellow Falcons. The annual Holy Cup game vs. Saint Francis will be played on Thursday, December 7th at Granite Park at 3:30 PM. The girls expressed their appreciation last year for all the support they got as they took on their rivals.

The seniors this year are dedicated to lead this team to a successful season. Hailey Green (’18), Emma Brueckner (’18), Emma Thompson (’18), Olivia Ledesma (’18), Alora Gardiner (’18), Caeley Kelly (’18), and Kayla Stephens (’18) are returning to the pitch to make a statement. After being upset last year in the section playoffs. senior Hailey says this year will be different.

“Last year in playoffs was extremely upsetting,” she said. “Although we didn’t succeed last year, this fired us up for this upcoming season and we are ready to work ten times harder to accomplish our overall goal of going to playoffs and winning it all!“

The ladies hope to finish their last high school soccer season on a high note. Varsity will be coached by Rudy Ruvalcaba for his second season with the varsity squad. He has a new requirement for the girls before they commit to being on the team.

“This year, if you make the final roster, you will have to give one-hundred percent commitment to this team. No more excuses,” he said.

The coaching staff are creating a new atmosphere for the 2017-18 season. They want a professional, victorious, and enjoyable season. The coaching staff are focusing on having the girls continue their academic achievements alongside improvement in their game.

Tryouts are coming to an end and games are coming closer. The girls have a positive attitude and are excited to get out on the field to represent Christian Brothers High School.

“I’m really excited for this upcoming season,” Hailey says. “I think all the girls have the drive and passion to succeed as a team. We are going to stay focused and create a bond together that will be strong, both on and off the field.”

Our Women’s Soccer team looks strong enough to make a new statement for our soccer program this year. Their matches will be intense and exciting to watch. Come out and support the ladies as they take on a memorable season.