March Need to Know for Juniors!


  • Melarkey and Ms. McClellan have begun individual meetings with juniors about college.
  • Remember: The College Planning Handbook is loaded with information and tips!
    • If your student has not received their Handbook, see one of the College Counselors.
  • For the UC and CSU campuses, GPA is calculated with ONLY 10th and 11th This is the last semester students can impact that GPA for admissions.
  • Juniors should register for their first SAT and/or ACT this spring. Make sure to sign up with the “plus writing” option. Find registration deadlines and test dates here: Registration Deadlines
  • Continue searching for college using Big Future or the Family Connection College Search Engine.
    • Update “Colleges I’m Thinking About” in Family Connection.
  • Mark your calendar for the March 14th “Exploring Colleges” Night. There will be breakout sessions with UC, CSU, private, out of state public universities.
  • Visit Colleges during Spring Break or 3-Day weekends. Contact the Admissions Office or sign up for a tour on the website.  If missing school, complete the College Visit Request Form.
  • Summer Opportunities: College specific programs, community or local college classes, find a job, volunteer, or intern.
  • Keep an eye on Schoology for scholarship opportunities.
  • Check out this interesting article on Out of State College Considerations