Visit Colleges This Spring Break!

Easter Break is the perfect time to tour colleges, for all grade levels.  Since Christian Brothers often times has a different Easter Break than when colleges have Spring Break, many colleges will be back in session during the last week of March and beginning of April.  How do you being this process?  Check out these tips:

  • Check out the Admissions page on the college website to see if you register online or need to call to make an appointment.
  • Take an official campus tour if possible.  These are often hosted by current students who have first-hand experience living and learning on campus.
  • Look to see if they also offer an Admissions Info Session (these usually take place prior or just after the official tour.)
  • Ask questions about academics, campus life, extra-curricular activities.
  • See your CB College Counselors for a handout on questions to ask a on a college visit.

Below are some pictures from some past spring break trips with your College Counselors and CB students