Lady Falcons Fends Off Urban In NorCal First Round

By Alyce Munoz

After a glorious section championship win, the CB women’s basketball team entered the first round of the NorCal tournament and battled the mysterious Urban Blues.

“It’s kind of scary because we don’t know anything about this team, no records, stats, nothing.” Breezy Juniel (’19) said just hours before the game as she reflected on her game plan.

Although the Falcons had no information on this team, they found their way to break down the Blues defensive press and battle it out until the end, no matter what the score was. The score was neck and neck the whole game as the teams played tug-of-war with the score. With a loss of Bria Shine (’20) for the first three quarters, the team was deep in need for quick rebounds and a trusted hand under the hoop. AC Nelson (’18) and Laney Prichard (’20) showed excellent teamwork on the base line as they outrebounded Urban. Thankfully, at the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Falcons secret weapon Bria Shine entered the game and showed Urban they truly had no chance against CB. The whole dynamic of the game was changed after the half as CB really started to push their limits in comraderie and overall effort on the court. They weren’t going to let their season end here, Monet Brown (’18) gave absolutely everything she had and allowed for her quick feet and sturdy defense to completely rip apart Urban. Breezy did not disappoint as usual, leading the team with 25 points. The team ended the game with a score of 59-53 giving the Falcons another win and a 24-7 record. They play this Saturday in the second round of NorCals against Dublin High. Tip is scheduled for 6 PM at Limeberger ’53 Gymnasium.