Womens Basketball Falls To Saint Marys In A Great Comeback Attempt

By Elias Vallejo

On Wednesday, the Falcons Girls Basketball team played their second league game against the Saint Mary’s Panthers. The Falcons had a hard time getting the ball in the hoop the first quarter, only scoring seven points while the Panthers scored 20. In the second quarter, Coach Shandyn made a change to the starting lineup, fixing the rhythm of the girl’s game. Going into the third quarter down 35-21, the Falcons attempted to match the momentum of the Panthers. The Falcon’s high energy kept the score difference in the same range and the quarter ended with the Panthers leading by eight. Heading into the fourth quarter, the Falcons looked to take charge and push for a lead. They were down by seven points by the last minute of the game, but with stellar play calling from Coach Shandyn and brilliant execution from the players, the Lady Falcons came back and scored a total of 21 points in just the fourth quarter and took a one-point lead to bring the score to 60-59. With merely 8 seconds on the clock, the Panthers scored a layup and unfortunately took the win over Christian Brothers 61-60. The ladies play at Christian Brothers on December 17th at 7:30 pm to watch the Lady Falcons as they battle against the Consumes Oaks Wolfpack.