Women’s Basketball Walks Through The First Round Of Playoffs

By Elias Vallejo
On Tuesday the 12th, the Varsity Women’s Basketball team took on the Los Banos Tigers at home in the first round of playoff games. The Los Banos Tigers had a rough start, ending the first quarter with 7 points while the Lady Falcons had 18. In the second quarter, the Falcon’s momentum began to slow as they only scored 10 points, but still went into halftime with a 28-14 lead. In the third quarter, the Lady Falcons scored 19 points while the Tigers only scored 7. In the fourth quarter, Christian Brothers put up 19 points and executed impeccable defense. Many steals and big blocks by Bria Shine ‘20 helped the Falcons to keep the Tigers to no points in the last quarter. The ladies continue their journey towards a section banner on Thursday at Christian Brothers High School at 7.