Important Message from President Crystal LeRoy, Ed.D.

June 8, 2020

Dear Families:

Last week, we shared a message with our community regarding the tragic events surrounding the murder of George Floyd. Since that time, both Lorcan Barnes and I have heard from members of our community that the initial comment did not adequately convey how much the black community means to us, and the outrage we feel for the travesties that have befallen the African American community within our nation. For that, we are truly sorry.

As the incoming president, I am proud of our courageous, current and former students who have been brave in speaking up about their hurtful experiences. I also need to show that same courage by addressing the concerns with humility and integrity.

In the coming days and weeks, students, alumni and parents will be invited to engage in dialog that will assist our work in upholding an accountable and inclusive community. I want you all to feel comfortable and empowered in holding me, and the school, accountable if we do not uphold equity, inclusion and justice for all students on our campus.

I am also partnering with the Black Student Union (BSU) to invite parents and students to have ‘Breakfast with the President,’ so that I can personally ensure them that their sons and daughters are entitled on this campus – entitled to feel safe, to feel celebrated and to feel valued.

In furthering the work that is already being done, the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiative on campus will expand to include a parent committee. Currently there is an adult D&I Committee that is made up of a cross-section of administrators, faculty and staff, and a student D&I Committee (D.I.S.C.) for students. The school’s diversity and inclusion activities, which are currently displayed on an internal website, will soon be displayed on our external D&I web page to showcase the school’s D&I efforts.

CB will continue to host its annual Respect for All Persons Week and invest in diversity and inclusion training for all members of the school community. This year, we will also begin our school year with a discussion for all faculty, staff and students regarding social justice, and the racial insensitivity that has plagued our nation and our local community. Part of that discussion will ensure that every person on campus, and their families, are aware of channels to share concerns including our Anonymous Alerts app, which allows individuals to report instances of bullying, harassment or other apprehensions anonymously.

To all students, alumni and families, we want you to know that we hear you. You are safe here. You are loved. On behalf of the faculty, staff and administration, please know that we are committed to listening, learning, and doing the work to ensure that we are living our Lasallian Core Principles of Respect for All Persons, Inclusive Community, and Social Justice.


Crystal LeRoy, Ed.D.
Incoming President

June 2, 2020

Dear Families:

On May 25, the world watched in horror as George Floyd’s life was brutally taken at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Since then, we have watched our city, our country, and our world react to this tragedy with emotions ranging from prayerful sorrow to deep-seeded anger.  We have seen transformative acts of love and compassion juxtaposed against horrific acts of violence.

We stand with our global Lasallian Catholic community in praying for Mr. Floyd, his family, and his loved ones, as we pray for the victims of racial injustice and violence everywhere.  We pray for peace in our community, and in our hearts, as we stand resolutely against abhorrent acts of racism and violence.  We remain committed to upholding our Lasallian Core Principles of respect for all persons, inclusive community, concern for the poor and social justice, and quality education.  Above all, we take solace in knowing that we are all united in the holy presence of God.

In February of 2017, school leaders crafted a Diversity and Inclusion Statement to encapsulate the school’s commitment to diversity and inclusion that reads, in part, “We envision a community that goes beyond the tolerance of difference to one that is guided by social justice, cultural competence and engaged citizenship where all voices are respected and valued. We believe that inclusivity is essential to building a stronger Christian Brothers community and achieving the standards of excellence to which we aspire.”

Our work as educators and leaders is now more important than ever.  We strive for, and work toward, a world in which every community goes beyond tolerance of differences to one that is guided by social justice, cultural competence and engaged citizenship where all voices are respected and valued.  We pray that every community recognizes inclusivity as essential to building a better world.

Click here to find the Prayer of St. Francis. We hope that it gives you comfort and peace during this difficult time.

Live Jesus in our Hearts!

Lorcan P. Barnes, President & Crystal LeRoy, Ed.D., Incoming President