Spirit Packs

CB Athletics is proud to partner with Eastbay. If you need assistance with your spirit pack order, please email or call Mikel Palmquist at mikel.palmquist@eastbay.com.

General CB Spirit Wear

Season 1

The Cheer, Cross Country, Men’s and Women’s Water Polo, and Men’s Volleyball teams should visit the General CB Spirit Wear site to purchase their clothing and accessories.

Season 2
  • Men’s Soccer Spirit Pack
  • Women’s Soccer Spirit Pack
  • Men’s Tennis Spirit Pack
  • Women’s Tennis Spirit Pack
  • Men’s Basketball Spirit Pack
  • Women’s Basketball Spirit Pack
  • Baseball Spirit Pack
  • Softball Spirit Pack
  • Men’s Golf Spirit Pack
  • Women’s Golf Spirit Pack
  • Swimming Spirit Pack
  • Diving Spirit Pack
  • Track and Field Spirit Pack
  • Men’s Lacrosse Spirit Pack
  • Women’s Lacrosse Spirit Pack