Dede Crayne

Head Diving Coach

Dede currently serves as Christian Brother diving coach where she has been a member of the coaching staff since 1995. She also has great experience in developing divers outside of Christian Brothers as she is the Director of the Capital Divers, which she started in 1997. Dede’s other coaching experience has been to lead the divers at American River College since 2009.

Dede started her diving career at Santa Rosa Junior College. She competed there from 1985-1986. She then transferred to Chico State and dove from 1986-1988. She graduated from Chico State in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She later earned her Masters Degree in 1989.

Dede has enjoyed much success as a competitor and coach. She was Junior College State Champion in 1986 and earned All-American honors at Chico State in 1987 and 1988.


Phone: 916-992-1455