Clubs and Organizations

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Meeting Info

3D Printing ClubPrint prosthetics for children, teach students about 3D printingBrossardEvery other Friday after school in room 607
Academic DecathlonCompete in the Aca-Deca event in February with a diverse team of CB studentsBowers/KellerMWF zero period in rooms 208 and 501
All Voices HeardWelcome together students of all grade levels and backgrounds into a fun, supportive, interactive environment where they can learn to give speeches and debate their beliefs with confidenceSymkowickThursdays during all-school lunch, alternating weeks in room 301
Anime ClubWatch Japanese animation showsMcIntoshThursdays during all-school lunch in room 305
Art History ClubDiscuss art and art history, and to educate ourselves and the school communityNeffThursdays during Falcon Flex or otherwise scheduled, all-school lunch in room 408
Asian Cultural AllianceShare Asian culture and traditions with the CB communityKenneyThursdays during all-school lunch in room 102
Black Student Union
  • An inclusive group of students formed to promote African American pride, heritage, and an appreciation of our diverse gifts
  • We will respectfully act to improve cultural awareness and positive interactions among all students and the greater community.
  • We seek to support one another in life and love and strive to enhance the Christian Brothers student experience.
Adkins-Williams/BronsonThursdays during Falcon Flex and after school in room 602
Book ClubA group of CB students who love to read and talk about books for funWanketOne Thursday a month during Falcon Flex in room 206
CB Model UNEducate the student body on international issues and teach teamwork, public speaking, and negotiation skillsReel/WillowWednesdays and/or Fridays in room 407
CB Theatre Society
  • Give students interested in theatre an outlet to participate in the art form, even if they aren’t enrolled in a theatre class or cast in a production.
  • To be student lead with activities guided by the particular interests of the group
JacksonThursdays during Falcon Flex in the George Cunningham ’40 Performing Arts Center
Christian Brothers Mascot TeamPublic relations for our student body and community as a whole, showing school pride and spirit for all school eventsHolmesThursdays during Falcon Flex, games, rallies or as needed in room 105 and at event locations
Christian Brothers PRIDEGive safe haven to LGBTQ and allies to the communityLystrupTwice a month during all-school lunch in room 203
Christian Brothers RoboticsBuild robots that will compete in FTC (First Tech Competition) tournamentsBrossardThursdays during Falcon Flex in room 207 and the robotics garage
Classic Cinema ClubIntroduce students to cinema before CGI (pre-1973)Neff/ReelWednesdays after school in room 405 or 408
Computer Science ClubEmbrace computer science literacy through the understanding of the interconnections of computer hardwareReelThird Tuesday of the month at 3:00 PM in the fall in room 405
Creator’s ClubExplore and execute creative ideas – There are many hands-on projects.EckelThursdays during all-school lunch in room 507
De La DudesGrow male singing community at CBBohmTuesdays at break and Thursdays for half of lunch in the choir room (802); Special rehearsals as performances near
De La Femme
  • Provide a platform for all girls to sing and feel welcome no matter their skill level
  • We also hope to teach some music theory during this process.
BohmThursdays during Falcon Flex and Fridays from 3-4 p.m. in the choir room (802)
Environmental ClubIncrease environmental awareness at Christian BrothersSaffordEvery Friday during break and Thursdays during Falcon Flex when necessary in room 610
Falcon ForceProvide school spirit at rallies and athletic eventsHolmes/RoybalTuesdays at upper division lunch in room 105
The Ginger AssociationTo bring all gingers togetherChadbourneThursdays during Falcon Flex in room 704
Guitar ClubOffer a safe space for kids to play guitar as a community at schoolElorduyFridays in room 202
Heartbeats Pro Life ClubPromote a culture of life at CB through service and educationBowers/HendryEvery other Thursday during all-school lunch in room 208
Helping OthersAssist students who have lost a loved oneHaveyOnce a month in room 201
Intramural BasketballA chance for students to exercise and interact during lunchWilliams/Ralph ’12Thursdays during all-school lunch in the Ron Limeberger ’53 Gymnasium
Junior Statesmen of America (JSA)Strengthen American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for lifelong involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic societyHanshewEvery/every other Tuesday in room 406
Kids 4 KidsService clubHaveyEvery Wednesday at the Sacramento Food Bank
La RazaDedicated to celebrating and educating the CB community about Latino cultureFernandezThursdays during Falcon Flex in room 703
Lasallian YouthService club with events in partership with Oak Ridge Elementary SchoolElorduyMondays and Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. in room 202
Literary Arts Journal
  • Showcase CB student art and writing in a professional journal
  • To invite others to be creative and be a part of the journal making process
SchornTentatively Wednesdays after school in room 302
Lumberjack ClubEducate students at CB about English comedyNeffThursdays during all-school lunch in room 408
Lunch ClubProvide a welcoming place for all students to eat and have conversationMelarkeyThe officers meet monthly to set forth the calendar where each club member will be responsible for hosting a lunch – aiming to be offered at least weekly, if not daily, as the year progresses in the Counseling Center
MathletesPrepare for and participate in math competitions sponsored by local schools each monthRomani/GrowThursdays during all-school lunch and Falcon Flex in room 611; competitions are generally the first Thursday of the month
Movies with ReeveHelp students have a place to go at lunch and enjoy a common interestReeveThursdays during all-school lunch in room 604
Mock TrialMock Trial competition simulates a trial-level proceeding in which students play the roles of pretrial counsel, prosecuting and defense attorneys, witnesses, court clerks, and bailiffs before a single presiding judge and two to three scoring judges.HanshewTuesdays and Thursdays (when possible) after school in room 406
Official Bob Ross ClubBring the Joy of Painting™ to a wide variety of Brothers on campusMcIntoshThursdays during Falcon Flex in room 305
Open Mic NightExhibit CB’s diverse talents on an open, community supported stageSchornThursdays during all-school lunch in room 302
Polynesian ClubExplore the rich heritage of the Pacific Islands through food, traditional dance, songs, books exhibit and more!
We enjoy the adventure of traditional hands-on activities during meeting and organize an annual CB Luau.
GrapeThursdays during Falcon Flex in the Bertram Hall Living Room
Red CrossPromote the mission of the Red Cross, engage in service with school and community, and fund raise for international disastersNeffThursdays at all-school lunch or otherwise scheduled in room 408
Scholarship ClubCollaborate on scholarship opportunities, provide a time to write essays and complete applicationsMelarkeyThursdays during Falcon Flex at the Counseling Center
Science OlympiadTo place in the Science Olympiad Competition and practice teamwork and learn to recognize each other’s diverse strengths and utilize them to the best of the teams ability. We also aim to cultivate our love of science and encourage others to join us.LevasseurOnce a week in room 502
Tea Time ClubServe tea to anyone in the community, in a stress free environmentSaffordWednesdays during break in room 610
Twinning ClubConnects schools in United States and Toronto with 13 ministries in four countries in the Lwanga District of Africa: Kenya, Nigeria, Eritrea and EthiopiaGrapeTuesdays during lunch in Bertram Hall Living Room
Ukulele ClubAll things ukulele!MaslenThursdays during Falcon Flex in the band room (801) or Koppes Plaza depending on the weather
Video Game LeagueGive students a safe place to play video games and connect on campusBrossardTuesdays after school in room 607
Wellness ClubEncourage health and well-being of club members and CB community while actively working toward being one’s best selfMcDougallEvery other Thursday during Falcon Flex in the Bertram Hall Living Room
Wellspring Breakfast ClubService to Oak Park indigent women and childrenIliffFriday mornings at 6:00 a.m. in Bertram Hall kitchen and dining room
Young ConservativesTo promote traditional conservative values and discuss current political issuesBowersThursdays during Falcon Flex in room 208
Young ProgressivesA club for students of like mind to share ideas and philosophies about progressive politicsWanketThursdays during all-school lunch in room 206