Student Activities

Education at CBHS is more than textbooks, examinations and report cards. Although these are all important, the goal at CBHS is to develop the whole person. With a diverse and wide-ranging list of student clubs and activities, we encourage all of our students to become involved in campus life outside of the classroom.

We, the students of Christian Brothers High School of Sacramento, an integral part of the high school community, must take an active role in deciding its activities and student government priorities. We strive to be active in the Catholic, Lasallian Educational Outcome, and traditions of this institution. To this end, we constitute a student government to represent students; to promote student morale and interactions; to ensure an active role for students in determining high school student activates and student government policies; to over see all student clubs, and student related activities; and to safeguard student rights.

Student Activities

Falcon Force

Falcon Force Application for 2020-2021

ASB Council

ASB Council Application for 2020-2021

BSU Block Party Spirit Day – February 20, 2020

BSU Block Party Spirit Day dress code

Winter Dance – Friday, February 21, 2020

Winter Dance guest pass

Winter Dance dress code