Business Office Information

For questions regarding billing or tuition assistance, please contact:

Cathy DeVera

Student Accounts Manager


Phone: 916-733-3644

Other Contact Information:

June McBride

Director of Finance


Phone: 916-733-3636

Myra Makelim

Human Resources Director


Phone: 916-733-3631

Julie McNamara

Accounting Manager


Phone: 916-733-3641

Stephanie Hoekman

Accounting Manager


Phone: 916-733-3641


A Christian Brothers education is an investment in your child’s future, a choice that requires careful financial planning and sacrifice for many families.  We are committed to making a Christian Brothers education affordable and accessible.  To the extent that our funds permit, tuition assistance is available to all admitted students who qualify.  In the 2017-18 school year, 35% of our families received tuition assistance. Applying for tuition assistance has no bearing on a student’s admissions status.


How are awards determined?
Christian Brothers contracts with FACTS, a third-party company that specializes in evaluating a family’s ability to pay tuition based on a variety of factors including family size, income, net worth, number of children for whom the family pays tuition and other data.

The Christian Brothers Tuition Assistance Committee reviews all FACTS applications for tuition assistance and determines the amount of assistance to be provided each family based on the amount of tuition assistance funds available, the number of families who apply and each family’s need.

How much can we earn and still receive tuition assistance (is there a cutoff amount)?
There is no predetermined level of earnings that will automatically disqualify a family from receiving tuition assistance.  Applicants with the same income level may have other factors that are considered, such as the number of students, assets owned and other personal circumstances.  The amount of tuition assistance provided is based on a careful evaluation of all of the financial information furnished.  Awards are determined on a case-by-case basis.

How do I apply for tuition assistance?
Families begin the process by submitting an online FACTS application. All information is kept strictly confidential. Application forms will be available on our website starting October 8, 2018.  A $36 processing fee is required with the application.  Detailed instructions are included with the FACTS application

Tuition Assistance Application for Incoming Freshmen and Returning Students

When do I need to apply by?
• January 10, 2019 for new students (and their siblings currently attending CB)
• March 1, 2019 for returning students

When will I be notified whether or not I will receive tuition assistance?
Incoming freshmen will receive notification by mail in late February, prior to the 2019-20 school registration deadline. Returning students will receive notification by mail in late April.

Whom do I contact if I have more questions?
Please contact Ms. Cathy DeVera, Student Account Manager, at (916) 733-3644 Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. If you have specific questions about completing the online form, please contact FACTS directly at 866-441-4637 (CB’s school code is 29243).

October 8, 2018: Tuition assistance applications available online
January 10, 2019:  Deadline for submitting the application to FACTS for incoming freshmen (and their siblings)
Late February 2019: Notification of Tuition Assistance Awards to incoming freshmen
March 1, 2019:  Deadline for submitting the application to FACTS for returning students
Late April 2019: Notification of Tuition Assistance Awards to returning students