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These are indeed challenging times in our region and in our world. In the face of these challenges, our sense of community and togetherness is more important than ever.  Thank you for being a part of the Christian Brothers community.

When it became clear that COVID-19 was rearing its head in Sacramento, Christian Brothers quickly pivoted to online learning for our students.  Fully embracing the Lasallian tradition of practical innovation in education, our phenomenal teachers quickly, and without hesitation, adapted lesson plans and teaching styles. They have done so with a level of Lasallian zeal that would make St. John Baptist de La Salle proud.

Economists and civic leaders by and large are predicting the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will be significant. As our families begin to feel the true financial impact of the crisis, the need for need-based tuition assistance is increasing.  Your support, at this critical moment, is more important than ever.

We recognize that this economic downturn has impacted each of us in perhaps very different ways.  There are some who wish very much to help, but no longer have the means to do so.  There are some who still do have the means to help others who have been less fortunate.  If you are one of those fortunate ones, we invite you to prayerfully consider a gift toward our tuition assistance program.

If you are not able to give financially at this time, we ask you to give a different kind of gift.  Please keep Christian Brothers High School and all of our students in your prayers.

We are blessed to have a community that shares in the mission and the work of this school. And we are blessed that this community includes you.  As you pray for us, please know that the Christian Brothers High School community is holding you in our thoughts and prayers.