Lasallian Student Life

High school years are an ideal time for young people to embrace and celebrate faith, discover and develop new talents, and to grow as servant leaders. An essential foundation of our students’ success is the deep sense of belonging and inclusive community at Christian Brothers High School. This place is their home. Teens become their best selves when they experience healthy community and support. 

The Lasallian Student Life Office (LSLO) is the heartbeat of student culture at Christian Brothers High School. We form students to lead our community in various activities and prayer experiences. LSLO creates opportunities for students to serve our Oak Park neighborhood, surrounding communities, and our network establishments. The LSLO is dedicated to building and developing our school spirit and spirituality all in concert with the Lasallian Catholic mission. 


Senior Retreat Leadership Team 

Rising Seniors apply to be part of a dynamic team of Senior Leaders who work with the LSLO to lead the Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior Retreats. These students are faith-based teens who desire to grow in the Lasallian Core Principles and promote a healthy community at Christian Brothers High School. Class of 2024 students who are interested in joining SRLT should click here to apply! The application deadline is Friday, February 24, 2023 to LSLO.

Freshman Retreat

All incoming Freshmen participate in the one-day retreat held at Sacramento Newman Center in September. Led by members of the Senior Leadership Retreat Team, the students engage on the theme of belonging. The retreat immerses the students in the Lasallian Core Principles, participating in fun activities and icebreakers for building community. 

Sophomore Retreat 

All Sophomores participate in the one-day retreat held at Sacramento Newman Center in October. Led by members of the Senior Leadership Retreat Team, the students engage on the idea of values, how to build on values and nurture friendships. This retreat builds on their freshmen experience and students participate in fun activities and icebreakers for building community. 

Junior Retreat 

Junior Retreat at San Damiano Retreat Center, November 2-3, 2022

The Junior Retreat is the first overnight retreat experience hosted by the LSLO and led by our Senior Retreat Leadership Team (SRLT). This retreat emphasizes the student’s personal vocation in life and their gifts. This retreat is a reflection on their life journey thus far as a student at Christian Brothers High School. There are four retreats scheduled in this year. Retreats will be held at San Damiano Retreat Center. Register your student today as spots will fill quickly. Click here to register.  


The pinnacle of our four-year retreat program is the Kairos retreat held for seniors. Kairos is a Greek word (καιρός) which at best translates to God’s time. It is different from time measured in the chronology of events. This time away with God welcomes seniors to examine, develop, and deepen their relationships with God, themselves, and others. There are four retreats available to seniors throughout the year and a summer retreat offered to rising seniors. Kairos will be experienced at a new location this year: Alliance Redwoods which provides a “renewal in the redwoods” in Occidental, California. It is a beautiful place to experience God’s creation and is popular among various schools that hold retreats on their site. Kairos for 2022-2023 is full. To be added to the wait list, please email Mr. Manolito Jaldon.


VENAVER, Los Angeles, November 6-11, 2022

VEN-A-VER, “come and see,” are immersion trips that offer students, faculty and staff opportunities to participate in faith-based experiences that foster human solidarity, cultural awareness, ongoing service, and appreciation for the sustaining value of faith in our students’ lives. Students experience the realities of structural injustice, oppression and poverty. Students of all faith traditions and backgrounds are welcome to participate. You may only apply to ONE immersion trip. For further inquiries contact Ms. Fernandez at or in the LSLO office. Click here to apply.

  • Blackfeet, MT
    • February 18-25
    • $560
    • Application due by September 23
  • Yakima, WA
    • April 1-8
    • $500
    • Application due by September 23

God Squad 

Student leaders collaborate with the LSLO to create meaningful prayer services and liturgies. The school community assembles regularly to pray and practice faith in the presence of God.

Social Action Leadership Team (S.A.L.T.) 

A student led club that organizes drives that serve our community. We work in collaboration with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Sacramento, Loaves and Fishes, the Sacramento Food Bank, and Bishop Gallegos Maternity Home to name a few. Be part of our concern for the poor and social action!