The Place to be Challenged

CB excels as a college preparatory high school. Teachers embody the Lasallian tradition of inspiring students to meet their full, God-given potential with a core curriculum that emphasizes reflective thinking, critical analysis and writing skills. Courses are offered in the following four categories:

ACCELERATED COLLEGE PREP PROGRAM: The CB Accelerated College Prep program challenges high-achieving students with rigorous course offerings. Accelerated and honors courses are preparatory courses for advanced placement and university courses. Those colleges and universities which make use of honors and advanced placement credits may or may not add honor credits according to their own policies. The most selective colleges and universities expect that students will successfully complete honors and advanced placement courses. A component of the Accelerated College Prep curriculum is the Scholar Program. The program offers students both the opportunity to be part of a community of highly motivated young men and women, and to enhance their admissions possibilities to highly selective colleges/universities. Students who have taken five accelerated courses and maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.5 at the end of their freshman year are eligible for this program. To continue in the Scholar Program, students must earn a GPA of at least 3.85 each semester of Sophomore, Junior and Senior year. They must enroll in five accelerated (honors/AP) courses as sophomores, and three honors/AP courses as juniors and seniors.

In addition, Christian Brothers participates in the nationwide Advanced Placement program of college level instruction in high school by offering Advanced Placement courses. Students enrolling in advanced placement courses must meet stated course and grade prerequisites and departmental approval. To maximize the likelihood of successfully completing these courses, students must evidence strong academic skills, high test scores, consistency of performance and self discipline. Advanced placement courses are designed to prepare students for the AP exam. Students who do well on the AP exam may qualify for college credit upon entrance at participating colleges.

COLLEGE PREP PROGRAM: The College Prep program is a robust, four-year curriculum that prepares students for entrance to a traditional liberal arts four-year college or university. The majority of students meet qualifications for our rigorous college prep program. CB graduation requirements ensure that students are college-ready.

FOUNDATIONAL COLLEGE PREP SUPPORT PROGRAM: Foundational College Prep is a two-year, support-based program offered during freshman and sophomore years. The program is uniquely designed to meet the individual academic needs of students who meet the minimum requirements for admission to Christian Brothers but are in need of remediation in language arts and reading skills, specifically in the core subjects of English and Social Studies. It also has a Study Skills component predicated on developing the skills of time management, note-taking, and active reading. The program begins in the summer with a four-week probationary session which candidates must pass prior to full matriculation in the fall semester of the ninth grade. Requisite for acceptance into this program are strong letters of recommendation from 8th grade teachers who identify particular merit in the candidate’s character, work ethic, and potential to succeed within a college-prep curriculum.