Getting Involved

With COVID-19 keeping many at home, our alumni have felt the impact of isolation.

And while worrying over the changes they’re experiencing themselves from the pandemic, many are also concerned about others within our community and asking how they may be of service.

While at this time, we are not able to ask for your hands-on volunteerism at what have been our annually held events, we hope that you will remain connected through our monthly emails and on social media. If you have changed your contact information, please send your updates to

We sincerely hope that you will continue to support students with a donation today. Our events produce more than fun memories. They are a means to providing tuition assistance for our students.

Requests for tuition assistance are increasing steadily. Your support is more important than ever and will help us respond to increased needs during this difficult time. Please consider becoming a monthly donor or making a one-time gift. You may set up your donation here:

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