About the Counseling Department

A well-qualified and professional counseling staff is available to assist Christian Brothers’ students with academic counseling, college and career planning, personal counseling, and crisis intervention. Students may request to see a counselor by filling out a referral form and submitting it to the counseling center. Parents who wish to meet with their child’s counselor may call or email for more information (see below). Be sure to check the website and school calendar for upcoming college and academic evenings for students and parents.

Christian Brothers SCHOOL CODE is 052697 (use when registering for College Admission Exams)


The Christian Brother’s High School Counseling Department is designed to support and implement the Core Principles of a Lasallian School:

  • Faith in the Presence of God
  • Respect for All Persons
  • Inclusive Community
  • Quality Education
  • Concern for the Poor and Social Justice

To help ensure that all students are well prepared to manage the exciting years of high school, every student needs support and guidance as he/she embarks on the academic, social, spiritual and developmental challenges of adolescence – a time of rapid growth and change! Our programs and individual counseling meetings offer students the opportunity to develop the characteristics necessary to become successful adults in a fast changing world.

Goals of the Counseling Department

Our primary goal is to guide and support overall student development and well-being in three broad areas of student life; while keeping in mind that the central tasks of adolescence are:

  • Acquiring and assimilating self-knowledge
  • Developing future goals and purposefulness
  • Building strategies to accomplish goals
  • Developing decision-making skills
  • Coping with outcomes of decisions
  • Developing resiliency and self-efficacy
  • Acquiring a positive self image
  • Developing empathy
  • Learning healthy coping skills
  • Exploring social relationships
  • Understanding how God’s presence is experienced in our lives

Specific Goals of the Department:

  1. To help each student develop educationally, socially and personally at the rate at which he/she is ready.
  2. To help students make wise decisions.
  3. To aid students in gaining self-knowledge, self-acceptance, moving toward self-initiative and increased responsibility for their own lives and success.

Personal/Social Goals: Students acquire the inter personal and communication skills to increase their understanding and respect of self and others.

Academic Goals: Students develop a wide range of academic skills and become effective agents of their learning.

Post Secondary-College Planning Goals: Through information sessions and by making resources available to research and apply to college, students are able to plan and make decisions about their future.

Counseling Services

Personal Counseling
Individual counseling upon student or parent request or referral from a teacher, coach or administrator; Parent conferences and referrals resources; Crisis intervention counseling, Drug and alcohol abuse prevention information, education, referrals.

Academic Counseling
Course selection, requirements, placement; Parent Information Evening Programs; Information regarding enrollment in Advanced Placement, Honors, Accelerated and College Courses and Summer Session; Tutoring information, Monitoring of academic progress, including regular and interim Progress Reports and the Staffing Program; Standardized Testing: Information, Administration and Interpretation: PLAN, PSAT, ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Exams.

College and Career Counseling
College Information and Financial Aid Parent-Student Evening Programs; Campus visits by representatives of universities and colleges; Internet, print and video resources in the College Counseling Center; Individual parent/student appointments available for college planning, decision-making, and application processes; Administration and interpretation of the PLAN exam/career interest inventory and PSAT; Administration of ACT, SAT, SAT Subject exams on selected Saturdays in Fall and Spring; Letters of Recommendation and contact with University representatives as appropriate; College Information Newsletters for parents and students.