Individual classes, clubs and teams engage students in personal outreach with direct service, for which they do not get paid, to meet a genuine social need in our community. Individuals may also engage in outreach projects with other organizations, such as, scout troops, churches or various social service agencies in the community. (Download x2vol’s FREE APP to look up non-profit agencies or Go to Quicklinks >> Family Connection >> x2vol). These experiences may require one-time participation or long-term volunteering. Outreach projects are encouraged (although not mandatory) to contain a Christian Service-Learning component that shows meaningful connections between the students’ charitable acts and a given class’ studies or club/team activities.

Students are encouraged to document the hours of service they complete with Christian Brothers affiliated groups, as well as, outside individuals and outside groups. If you have any questions, contact Ms. Gigi Grapé at 916-733-3653.

Social Action Leadership Team (S.A.L.T.)

S.A.L.T. invites students to serve as leaders to live out the Gospel message through Christian Community Service. We promote social action and connect service and charity while building community and having fun through service and fellowship.  We engage in programs with in the Greater Sacramento Area, the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento, and the Lasallian District of San Francisco. We actively support our international Lasallian sisters and brothers, especially our twin school Saint John in Ethiopia, collaborate with service clubs, and organize the Christian Service opportunities such as: Christian Bros. (Coffee House), Twinning Program, Canned Food Drive, Advent and Lenten Almsgiving, Annual Festival of Trees and Lights, and more!

Lasallian Youth

Lasallian Youth is a worldwide movement in Lasallian schools and other educational works to continue the charism of St. John Baptist de La Salle and promote the tenets of faith, service, community, and social justice education among the student body and within the broader community.

At Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento, Lasallian Youth engages in various service projects with Oak Ridge Elementary School including:


Students engage in bi-weekly tutoring after school. Days and times vary from year to year, so check in with the moderators of Lasallian Youth for details.

Each winter, Lasallian Youth collects toys for students at Oak Ridge Elementary School. In the Spring, we offer an Easter egg hunt.

If you are interested in being a part of Lasallian Youth, please see Mr. Elorduy in Room 202 for more information.

Wellspring Breakfast Club

Wellspring Breakfast Club was founded in 1987 by the Campus Ministers at Bishop Manogue High School. In 1990, when Bishop Manogue was closed and it merged with Christian Brothers High School, Dr. Peterson brought the Wellspring Breakfast Club with her to CB. CB students have been cooking breakfast every Friday morning for Wellspring Women’s Center for over 20 years. Each Friday morning students come to the cafeteria at 6:00am, to cook scrambled eggs and pancakes for the women and their young children at Wellspring. They then deliver the hot food directly to Wellspring by 7:30am.

All students are welcome to join Wellspring Breakfast Club at any time. For more information or to join, please email biliff@cbhs-sacramento.org or see Dr. Bill Iliff ’76.

Service Clubs

Color Club. To help spread joy and positivity. we will do color themed activities that promote the spirit of giving. For example, we would make friendship bracelets and give them to teachers/friends/staff. Occasionally we would sell some things we make and give the proceeds to charity. Moderator: Mr. Symkowick-Rose

Heartbeats Pro Life Club. To provide a place for students who share the values of Pro-Life to gather together, support each other, and create outreach opportunities to share their beliefs. Moderator: Ms. Bowers and Ms. Hendry

Helping Others (Grief Group):  To give students an opportunity to help each other with their grief. Moderator: Mr. Havey

Kid 4 Kids. To allow opportunities for students to serve kids at some capacity. Moderator: Mr. Havey

Pre-Health Careers Club. To give students the opportunity to explore health care career options.  Moderator. Dr. Iliff

Super Blanket Club. To make soft, small blankets for small children at the Sutter Medical Foundation on Stockton Blvd in Sacramento. Students take the completed blankets to the Foundation and hand them off to Dr. Rosas. Moderator: Ms. Casetta

Wellness Club. To increase the understanding and practice of self-care and personal well-being. Moderator: Ms. McDougall

Yam Club.  To celebrate love of knitting and crocheting, help others learn how to knit and crochet, and to give our creations to others!  Moderator: Ms. Hanshew

For more information about Service Clubs please see Ms. Grapé in the LSLO, Room 106.