Christian Service

Enter to learn, leave to serve. While that motto is proudly inscribed on the tower of the school’s science, math and technology wing, it is also inscribed in the heart of our learning philosophy. CB’s Oak Park location provides for meaningful, ongoing service to some of the community’s most vulnerable members. Students act as tutors, mentors and buddies to the children at the local elementary school. The Lasallian Youth, in conjunction with students in Lasallian schools throughout the United States, organize and participate in service activities and charity drives. Throughout the year, ongoing service projects include feeding the hungry, neighborhood clean-up, and helping the homeless.

Lessons taught in the classroom come to life through Christian Service as students take those lessons and apply them through meaningful service projects that help the school and community.

Christian Service challenges our students to work for justice and put their faith into action in our local and larger communities. The four components to Christian Service are Almsgiving, Christian Service-Learning, Club Outreach, and VENAVER.