Service Hours

Christian Service hours must be documented online. Students may also access the website through Family Connection. All incoming freshmen are registered in September through their Religious Studies classes. We no longer accept paper documentation.

  • Students are responsible for documenting their hours online.
  • Hours must be turned in at the end of each school year.
  • Students who volunteer over the summer can submit their hours online during the summer.
  • Students must complete 100 hours in order for it to be recorded on their transcripts.
  • Seniors who are applying to universities and want their hours on the transcript must have 100 hours finished by October of their senior year.
  • Service-Learning does not count for hours as it is curriculum based and graded.
Family Connection/Naviance >> x2VOL

How students log hours in Connection/Naviance  x2VOL video

How transfer students register with Family Connection/Naviance x2VOL video

Access x2VOL via Naviance Student PowerPoint

How students can find volunteer opportunities video

Service Levels

Christian Service hours are not mandatory; however, each student is invited to a full, active and conscious participation and openness to grow to “Enter to Learn and Leave to Serve” through the Five Core Principles. If a student wishes to have service hours recorded on his/her transcript, a minimum of 100 hours must be completed by October 2 of their senior year; students must record service hours on an on-going basis (yearly preferred) and not held until senior year for the transcript.

100 – 249 hoursChristian Service Award
250 – 499 hoursBr. Edward Service Award
500 – 750 hoursBr. Bertram Service Award
750 – 999 hoursBr. Orona Service Award
1,000+ hoursBr. James Miller Award

The overview of the Christian Service Program is in the Parent/Student Handbook (pages 38-40).