During the month of November, the Catholic Church celebrates the lives of those whom God has called through death to eternal life. On Friday, November 4th, Christian Brothers will host a Mass of Remembrance for our deceased alumni/ae, friends, and members of our community. Let us reflect, remember, and celebrate the special lives of all those who have passed away in the last year. 

Today, we’re honored to invite you to join us as a community to remember the loved one’s we’ve lost. The Mass of Remembrance will be held on campus in the Chapel of St. Joseph at 2:30 p.m. on Friday, November 4th. Following the liturgy, we invite you to join us for a brief reception in Brother Bertram Hall.  

At the entrance to the chapel, we will have a memorial board.  Please bring a photo of your loved one to post on this board. (Please bring a copy of a photo, not an original as the photos will be glued to the board.) After the service, the memorial board will remain in the chapel where it will be displayed for the month of November.  

RSVP by calling 916–733–3633 or emailing You may also use the link to rsvp. This has been a very well-attended mass in the past and it is a school day. Please help us ensure that we have reserved enough parking by replying by October 28, 2022.