Theatre Arts

Elly award winners Spencer Fitzpatrick ’20 and Jacob Cherry ’18 in Hamlet, winner of the 2018 Elly award for Best Overall Production – Play

In addition to enriching theatre courses, CB is exceedingly proud of its Elly award-winning theatre productions. The student-driven “Tech Factor” crew runs lighting, sound, builds sets and manages the show behind the scenes. The annual One Acts Festival consists of short plays written, directed and performed by students in the beautiful George Cunningham ’40 Performing Arts Center. Open Mic nights are held several times throughout the year showcasing a wide variety of student talent. Driven, theatre-focused students have the opportunity to attend the Lenaea High School Theatre Festival at the Harris Center each year where they, along with students from 70 other high schools, perform, receive feedback from and attend workshops with theatre professionals. All students are invited to share their passion for theatre in the student-led Theatre Society club.

The Theatre Arts department offers Theatre Arts and Acting Focus classes.

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