What is Service-Learning?
Christian Service-Learning connects and integrates course curriculum, service experiences, and Catholic Social Teachings into the classroom. It is a curriculum where students not only learn concepts, contents and skills within the classroom but also directly work with those in need or indirectly work for social change. Christian Service-Learning should promote in class discussion as well as incorporate Christian values. The service should be meaningful and apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to real world issues. Processing Christian Service is continual. Pre, mid, and post reflections of understanding the concrete concepts as well as the experiential component are integral parts of classroom learning.

The framework for this Christian Service Curriculum is as follows:
Freshman Year: Religious Studies Courses **

** Freshmen Curriculum

  • The Freshmen Curriculum includes breaking the stereotypes of Oak Park by way of an all class walk to the Sacramento Food Bank Family Services (SFBFS). Along the way, students will have the opportunity to see Oakridge Elementary, Triumph Daycare, Oak Park Community Center, Father Keith B. Kenny Elementary School, neighborhoods, Wellspring, and the “40 Acres” development as well as Kevin Johnson’s St. Hope organization which is across the street from the Sacramento Food Bank.
  • Students assist the volunteers with tasks needed in the Food Locker, Clothes Closet, and Mother/Baby Program.