Christian Brothers High School is pleased to have the opportunity to welcome students and provide them with an overview of the Ven-a-Ver experience. In Spanish the phrase “ven a ver” means to come and see. Our Ven-a-Ver immersion program is an integral part of our Lasallian mission. Ven-a-Ver participants live in community and learn to move beyond their comfort zone serving in a unique setting. Ven-a-Ver is more than just a service trip-the experience encompasses the educational, social, and spiritual aspects of the issues faced by those in need. During the school year Ven-a-Ver participants must be juniors. Our summer immersion is for juniors transitioning to their senior year.

The Christian Brothers of the San Francisco District originally developed the Ven-a-Ver program in 1988. The program is rooted in faith, community, simplicity, service, social justice and safety. Student groups live in community in a simple and safe setting. Everyday involves service, reflection, and prayer. Students are challenged to explore and discuss a variety of social justice and human rights issues. Christian Brothers High School Ven-a-Ver programs have taken students to Tijuana, New Orleans, the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Browning Montana, Salinas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tennessee, Washington, Tucson, Nogales, Mexico, and Orange County L’Arche Community.
Ven-a-Ver Requirements:

Ven-a-Ver is a junior immersion only.  The exception is the L’Arche immersion. Students must have a 2.5 GPA and go through an online application process via Schoology.  In-person interviews follow. Eight to ten students will be chosen to participate with two adult moderators for each trip.

All participants must have a government issued I.D. and their Appryse information up to date. All accepted participants must have parent sign off as well as teacher sign off.  For further information please contact Ms. Lystrup in the LSLO.


Components of Ven-a-Ver:

Faith: Through communal prayer and reflection students will identify how the holy presence of God can be found in each other and the people they will meet.

Community: Through community living and shared learning students will exercise interdependency and joint decision making.

Service-Learning: Through direct service, students will connect their service to the social, political, and economic realities of our times, as well as actively answer the call to serve others as stewards of the Gospels.

Social Justice: Through experiencing the intense realities of life for people living on the margins, students will share their thoughts on the importance of the Gospel call to love and act justly.

Simplicity: Through living in simple accommodations, students will examine and evaluate their values as world consumers, as they become aware of the living conditions and plight of others.


Lasallian Youth Assembly: Summer

Lasallian Youth Assembly brings together Young Lasallians from high schools around the District of San Francisco. The program focuses on the three pillars of Lasallian Youth: Faith, Service, and Community. Participants have an opportunity to grow in their faith and also their understanding of St. John Baptist de La Salle and the Lasallian Family. Through the week, students have the opportunity to engage in community service in the local agencies where the Assembly is held. Students gain knowledge of issues of social justice and inequality and how we as Lasallians can respond. Lasallian community is built through social experiences and activities.