International Student Program – ISP

The world is deeply connected and today’s students are connected, global citizens. CB’s mission calls for innovation in ensuring that our students are prepared to take their place as ethical leaders in this new world. Today, that means an international education that equips them with the cultural knowledge, social skills and integrity to meet the challenges of a changing world. In August of 2012, Christian Brothers High School launched an International Student Program welcoming eight students from China, one student from Colombia, one student from Sweden and three students from Italy. Future plans call for the program to grow slowly and circumspectly to ensure that all students are well served and cared for throughout high school.

Living expenses will be covered for each student with a monthly stipend provided directly to host families. All incidental school expenses, medical insurance etc. are also covered. Families interested in participating in this enriching cultural exchange are encouraged to contact International Student Program Director, Patricia Gallagher, at (916) 733-3640 or via email at