CB Stories

Get to know Christian Brothers High School through the stories of students, parents, faculty and staff.

Reina Barbosa

“I love homecoming week – the theme days, the rallies, the game, and then the dance … you can feel the spirit from everybody around you.”

Sergio Castillo

“The best thing about CB is the community – not just the students, but the faculty, staff, alumni – everyone.”

Cooper Davey

“I’ve done a lot of acting, singing, and dancing in performances at CB. If there’s ever an opportunity to perform, I’ll be there.”

Marcos Galvan

“The teachers are here to support and mentor you throughout your four years. Some are harder than others, but they’re all here to help.”

Kamal and Dr. Ravinder Khaira

“We were very impressed with the Open House at Christian Brothers and really blown away, not just with the academics, but the co-curricular options, and the vibe and feeling on campus.”

Eilleen Le

“Being Lasallian isn’t something you can easily explain in words. It’s something that you feel and experience with the people around you.”

Crystal LeRoy

“Working at Christian Brothers and serving our Lasallian Catholic mission is a vocation. It is a blessing to come to work each day and serve the students, families, and graduates of this incredible school.”

John and Susan Nunan

“When we would come to Back-to-School Night, we wanted to go back to school here because the teachers were so happy to see you and knew who your child was. It makes you feel, ’Wow, this is worth every penny. You can’t spend your money a better way than to make such an impact.’”

Bria Shine

“For all of my fellow athletes, I want to remind you to focus on your studies as much as your skills on the court or field as you cannot have one without the other.”