Eilleen Le

Tell me about your affiliation to Christian Brothers.

I’m an alumna of the Christian Brothers class of 2012. And I currently work here as the Assistant Director of Communications.

Where did you go to school after CB?

I went to University of the Pacific and got my bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing.

How did you decide to come to CB for high school?

Growing up, I’d gone to Catholic school. It was something my parents wanted for me, and they worked hard to make it happen. By 8th grade, I knew I had three options to continue my Catholic education. But I knew I wanted to be at Christian Brothers because that’s where I felt most comfortable.

I also loved that it was co-ed. I knew interacting with males was something I would be doing in college and beyond, so I thought learning alongside them would be the best foundation for life.

Are there any key events or memories from your experience at CB that you think demonstrate what that relationship has looked like?

I played on the tennis team and served as the student body president. I had so much fun being involved with the school in a variety of ways and getting to meet new people.

My best memories from CB include meeting some of my best and closest friends here. We keep in touch and hang out to this day. I think that’s a true testament to the community at CB.

Is there an aspect of the CB experience that matters to you that the outside world may not know?

Something I’ve discovered and consistently learned from being a student, an alumna, and even employee here for three years, is that being Lasallian isn’t something you can easily explain in words. It’s something that you feel and experience with the people around you. It’s truly a community here, and you feel it once you step foot on this campus.

How would you define being Lasallian?

When I think of “Lasallian,” I think of service, compassion, leadership, vocation, and community – that all decisions and actions lead back to the students.

It means living out the Lasallian Core Principles of faith in the presence of God, concern for the poor and social justice, respect for all persons, quality education, and inclusive community.

What is your vision for the future of CB and the role you might play in it?

I think it’s important to continue building on our Lasallian community while meeting the practical challenges of advancing technology, upgrading campus infrastructure, and personnel changes. I hope and trust that the true feeling of community remains as the school moves forward.

Any other thoughts that you would want visitors to know?

Something I learned at CB is that what you put into it is what you get from it. For my first two years here as a student, I was going through the motions of going to classes, spending time with friends, going home, and doing homework. Once I got more involved beginning my junior year, that’s when I felt like Christian Brothers was the place to be. It was where you could be who you wanted to be. You could try new things and be involved in as many clubs, sports, and other co-curriculars as you want. It’s up to each person to seize those opportunities and grow as a person and in their experience here.