Bria Shine

Tell me about your affiliation to Christian Brothers and current situation.

I graduated from CB in 2020 and am now a sophomore at UC Davis, where I signed to play basketball.

How did you become connected with Christian Brothers?

In fifth and sixth grades, I played basketball for the CB feeder team, SAC Fury. I met my basketball coach, Ron Gully, who introduced me to the CB faculty and staff. My mom fell in love with the culture here, which was just amazing. The dynamic of academics and athletics working together was unbelievable.

How did those impressions change over time?

Once I became a student here, it was about the culture and the relationships with my teachers. That built the pathway for my brother as well. He hates to admit it, but everybody knows him as Bria’s little brother. And it’s been amazing how he carried those relationships on. I still have those relationships, too – especially with two of my teachers, Ms. Bronson and Ms. Williams. I grew a bond with them and we’re still close.

Can you tell me about any key events or memories that stand out for you from your years at CB?

One of the main events was definitely Holy Hoops my senior year. It was so great to see everybody come out and cheer us on to one last win against St. Francis on our home court. I’d also include just about any school-wide rally or function – seeing everybody come together with their friends as part of a community.

Experiencing a Holy Bowl win was also really special because it gave us momentum for upcoming years in all the sports and sweeping the “holy games” that year.

Are there aspects of your experience with CB that matter to you, but the general public might not know?

I would definitely say for the academic side, everybody knows it’s a really good education. I have a lot of cousins and younger people that listen and take advice from my family, and we’ve always said, if you want your child to succeed, then they should go to Christian Brothers.

After graduating from CB, I saw a lot of people struggle in academics when they first got to college. My experience was different in that I was well prepared.

What would you say is your vision or expectation for where CB’s going in the future?

Keep doing what they’re doing. One of my main goals in life is to become an anesthesiologist and give back to the community. CB aligns with those values. One thing that I definitely took away from Christian Brothers is the “Enter to learn, leave to serve” mentality. I want to give back to those who are less fortunate than I am and to pay it forward for all the people who have invested time in me. I want to show my appreciation and do the same for others.

Any other thoughts you’d like to share that you think the world should know about CB and your experience here?

I’d say a lot of people only see the athletics part of me and that’s definitely a big part of my experience here. My athletic contributions and achievements at Christian Brothers were definitely noteworthy. But I’d also want to emphasize the academic part. It is very important to receive a good education, wherever you’re headed and whatever you’re doing next.