Marcos Galvan

What’s your affiliation with Christian Brothers?

I’m a senior, graduating in 2022.

How did your relationship with CB start?

My mom’s coworker had children go here. Approaching eighth grade, I had the option to look at both private and public schools. I had looked at a lot of public schools, narrowing down to one or two. Then I was at a CB volleyball game with my mom’s coworker, and she asked, “Why don’t you think about going here?”

I’d never thought about that until then. So, we did some more research. I did a tour and looked around at all the things they had to offer. We decided it would be a good fit. The academics looked like good preparation for college. And having both girls and boys here, I thought it would be a better dynamic in general.

Were there any discoveries or surprises that came up as you began studying here?

I didn’t expect all the activities that we had, especially freshman year. I joined student council then and have been doing that for the past three years. As a freshman, you’re unfamiliar with all the activities that we put on at lunch for different events, like homecoming and rallies – the amount of effort that went into those events and the fun end result. There’s academics, but there’s also the social side of school, which I got to learn about my first year.

Are there any key events or memories that stand out from your time here?

Freshman Lock-In, an annual CB tradition, was probably my most memorable experience. I got to meet new people. It was just really fun, overall – jam-packed full of activities to keep everyone going and having a good time.

I also liked the Holy Bowl games. It’s fun to go with your friends and support CB. There’s also the local rivalry aspect, so the whole atmosphere of it was just really fun.

Are there aspects of your experience with CB that are important to you, but that the general public might not know?

One of the biggest things is that the teachers are really here to support you and mentor you throughout your four years. Some are harder than others, but I think that they’re all truly here to help. You just have to reach out and speak to them. And they really do a good job, regardless which class you’re in, at preparing you for college and the real world in general.

This past summer, I did a program at Notre Dame, which involved writing a couple of essays. My English classes at CB helped me prepare for writing a cohesive essay. I also took a couple of AP tests this year, which my teachers did a good job preparing me for.

They’re also here for you as mentors outside of academics. If you have a problem with anything, teachers are good to talk to – even just to get to know on a more personal or social level. I think the teachers here are fabulous and that’s something that people might not know until they actually go here.

Do you have a vision of where CB’s going to be going forward?

Personally, I think that it would be something similar to what it is now. I really like how it is right now, and I really couldn’t see it changing much. I like the small community that we have here and the things that we normally do on a yearly basis, whether that be through academic or student activities, or campus ministry.

Technology keeps evolving, so keeping up with it is important. But everything else as a whole, the community and the traditions, I think are working the way they are. I don’t see those changing much.

Any other thoughts about that you would want the world to know about CB?

I think it’s good to know that CB really has a lot to offer. Besides the great academics, there’s a huge athletic program.

For me, student council and student activities (this year, I am student body president) gave me a lot of opportunities to be involved, preparing for rallies, dances, and other events such as Lock-In. There are a lot of clubs to join too. And if you don’t see a club that you would like, you can always start your own. There’s a lot of flexibility, so you have a lot to choose from. And it’s well-rounded – everyone can find where they fit in and what they want to do. I think that’s something awesome about CB.