Reina Barbosa

Can you describe your relationship with Christian Brothers High School?

I am a senior, graduating in 2022. My dad went to CB and my brother did as well. And my oldest sister just graduated last year.

So you chose CB because of those family connections?

Not exactly. Most of my Sacred Heart class went to the other Catholic high schools. But my mom let it be up to me. She said, “I’m not going to force you to go to a school that you don’t want to go to, especially if your good friends are going to another school.”

My interest in CB came more from my sister. She was very involved, serving as student body president this past year, and she loved CB. She would tell me about all the events she had going on. And I had been going to the Holy Bowls forever because of my brother.

I did shadow day at two schools to see what it would be like, and I just liked Christian Brothers more. I liked the community. I thought everybody was nice, and a co-ed school made more sense to me.

And how has it been?

I’ve loved it from the beginning. When I came to CB, everybody was so nice and friendly. I very much enjoyed it. I got involved with the sports medicine program my freshman year and have loved that so much. It’s a very interesting and educational co-curricular option. And I’ve just been trying to be involved in as much as I can because I really like the CB community.

What was it like being a CB student during the pandemic?

It was crazy. We didn’t really know what was going to happen. But I think that the teachers and staff did the best that they possibly could with managing it – opening the school, getting kids back, and making it more normal for us.

Are there any activities, events, or moments that stand out in your mind?

I love homecoming week. I think it’s the high school experience that you think of – the theme days, the rallies, the game, and then the dance. I love dancing. Everybody gets all spirited and you can feel the spirit from everybody around you during that time. Everybody’s happy and enjoying themselves.

What would you say to somebody who knew nothing about CB? Are there special things you’ve experienced that you think the general public might not know about?

I think that by visiting you get a little taste of the community, but when you actually go here every day, you realize how tight knit the community really is. Your friends are there for you. Your teachers are always there to support you and help you through anything. The deans are always trying to help you, and the counselors check in to make sure you’re on the right track. Everybody talks about the community at CB and how it’s kind of like a family. But you don’t really know it until you experience it.

In a normal year, we try to bring new kids and families on campus. I’m a student ambassador, and every year, we do an Open House. We have tours and we get to see all the kids who are going to be coming in. They’re so nervous, and we try to calm them down, saying, “No, it’s okay. It’s great here. Don’t worry at all.”

Everybody is so kind. I remember in my freshman year, my sister was friends with some of the upperclassmen and they were always so welcoming to me. I think it’s a great place to be.

What are your plans for after graduation?

I want to go to college and study psychology somewhere in California because I like it here.

Do you see yourself continuing to be connected with CB after you graduate?

I would like to be because CB has helped me a lot with both growing in my faith and academically and becoming a better person through service. I want to contribute to that for other people because I had such a good experience. The main key for me is the community.