Cooper Davey

How are you connected with Christian Brothers High School?

I’m a senior, graduating in 2022.

What are your education and career goals from there?

I would love to have any major in the theater arts. I’ve done a lot of acting, singing, and dancing in performances at CB. There are festivals we go to, where I’ve enjoyed performing, and meeting other people that like theater. The open mic performances are fun, where any student can showcase their talent. If there’s ever an opportunity to sing, dance, or perform, I’ll be there.

How did you decide to choose CB for your education?

In eighth grade, I had three friends who were at CB and told me, “You have to go here.” I live closer to another Catholic high school, but when I came to CB for a shadow day, I felt so welcomed. Everyone was super nice to me. There was an inviting atmosphere, where I could see a clear future for myself. I thought, “I could do all these fun things in these four years, and then go on and do something else even more amazing.”

How has your relationship with CB changed over the past three years? Were there discoveries you made along the way?

I would say all those performing opportunities, or possibilities, definitely became a lot more clear. I’ve done so many fun things. I’ve met so many special people that have made great impacts on my life. I’ve met students from other Lasallian schools. I’ve met other theater students. I think I made the right call.

Can you share some specific events or memories that just really stands out?

During my sophomore year, I got to play Peter in our fall musical, Peter and the Starcatcher, which was a Peter Pan story. I had a whole lot of fun. That was when I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to it. I put all my effort, besides school, into acting – thinking about the methods, focusing on what line comes next, and what I’m going to need to do to prepare myself. I applied my most crazy method acting and determination for a show, and I think it rubbed off on everyone else. I could tell they were all excited to do it with me. It was just the most amazing three months.

What are some aspects of your experience at CB that the general public wouldn’t know?

I think it’s the tuition assistance program, where we help families who might say, “I don’t know if we’ll be ready to come this year because I don’t think we’ll be able to afford the tuition.” CB offers tuition assistance based on their needs. I think that’s very nice to give this opportunity, so these families can experience this school, but still afford essentials.

CB also inspires students to “Enter to learn, leave to serve.” I feel that every single day, seeing people and thinking, “How can I help them?” Anytime I see someone on the side of the street, I think, “I wonder how their day is going.” It makes me feel a lot more respectful of other people, and more caring, because I want to help. And I think CB helped me embrace that side of myself. It’s the purpose of why we’re here.

What was your experience academically?

It was great. I’ve learned the balance of working hard on school and working hard on what you want to do. Theater was definitely a lot of commitment. Finding time to be part of that while meeting your class work assignments takes balance. It’s the same way with balancing honors and less demanding classes. I’m very proud of what I’ve done so far.

Do you feel like your instructors here helped you to achieve that balance?

One hundred percent. They are so amazing here. There are times when I’d stress out the day of an assignment being due because I couldn’t always fit everything in. And the teachers were supportive in helping me stay on track with less stress.

What is your vision for how CB will continue to succeed serve the community? How do you picture your relationship with the school as you progress into college and your career?

I think about the motto, “Enter to learn, leave to serve.” I’ve been given a lot of opportunities to grow. Once I leave to serve, I can take my gift and share it with other people. I’ve been shown how, where, and the best way to do that. I can offer advice and support to other people based on my own experience.

You seem like you’ve had a really great experience here. Any other thoughts you’d like to share?

I’d say CB definitely has provided a wonderful environment of dedicated people – staff, teachers, and students alike. And I hope we can all recognize that gift, and share it with other people too.