Mission, Vision and Strategic Priorities

Mission of Christian Brothers

Christian Brothers High School is a Lasallian Catholic coeducational college preparatory high school. We are dedicated to inspiring and empowering young men and women with a challenging, relevant, and diverse academic program and co-curricular activities. Students thrive in a Christ-centered community that fosters faith, integrity, global citizenship, leadership and service, preparing students for college and life.

Vision Statement

We, as members of Christian Brothers High School, are inspired by Jesus Christ and the vision and wisdom of St. John Baptist de La Salle, Universal Patron of Teachers.  In La Salle’s spirit we have created and desire to enhance a learning community of students and adults that:

  • Represents the best of Lasallian Catholic education today and in the future, and
  • Believes the Presence of God is found within all students and other members of the learning community, and
  • Recognizes that we are continually moving from excellent to extraordinary in terms of our college prep curriculum and all programs associated with student life, and
  • Believes that administrators, faculty and staff are Ministers of Grace as we fulfill our designated roles, and
  • Celebrates individual and academic program innovation that focuses on supporting today’s students, and
  • Recognizes our obligation to embrace a concern for the poor, and
  • Promotes high standards of personal conduct among our students, administration, faculty, and staff, and
  • Believes in celebrating our Lasallian Catholic identity by inspiring each other to grow in and to demonstrate our love of God and neighbor, and
  • Is committed to being an educational leader in the region and to building a better community.

Strategic Priorities

Catholic/Lasallian Identity

  • Christian Brothers High School will through faith and zeal, celebrate its Catholic/Lasallian identity by inspiring students to grow in their love of God and neighbor, to serve the poor, and to uphold high standards of personal behavior in an inclusive learning community.
  • Christian Brothers High School will continue to prepare students intellectually and spiritually to positively participate in a community of faith and zeal and a global society.


  • Christian Brothers High School, through the Board of Trustees, will strengthen and align Board structures and internal advisory bodies to best serve the school’s mission now and in the future.
  • Christian Brothers High School’s Board of Trustees will embrace its responsibility to support and enhance the financial resources of the school.


  • Christian Brothers High School’s administration, faculty and staff will reflect St. La Salle’s high standards of professionalism, practical innovation, and passionate dedication to our mission.
  • Christian Brothers High School will continue to support an environment that promotes healthy, balanced professional lives.
  • Christian Brothers High School will continue to advocate for the level of compensation that will attract and retain the most qualified faculty and staff.

Enrollment Management

  • Christian Brothers High School will continue to be an inclusive community welcoming students of diverse socioeconomic levels, cultural backgrounds, religious traditions, and academic ability.
  • Christian Brothers will maintain a strong and stable enrollment.


  • Christian Brothers High School will continue to ensure that each student will experience academic rigor that will give her/him the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century as a global citizen facing the challenges and opportunities of academic, social and spiritual life.
  • Christian Brothers High School will explore, with an eye toward improving, those services provided to students with special learning needs, including increased professional development of the faculty.

Student Life

  • Christian Brothers High School will continue to develop and support a school environment that is appropriately sensitive to the cultural diversity of the student body to meet the particular needs of students, especially the marginalized.
  • Christian Brothers High school will continue to ensure that students will learn how to engage in collaborative work, moral reasoning, critical analysis, creative and reflective thinking while developing an understanding of 21st century literacies to access, evaluate, and synthesize information and then to communicate it effectively.


  • Christian Brothers High School will update its Campus Master Plan to ensure that the campus will be attractive, state-of-the-art, and multi-purposed in order to support the effectiveness of the school’s overall program.


  • Christian Brothers High School will continue to redesign and implement a comprehensive technology plan that addresses the teaching/learning environment and the technology needs of administrators and staff.

Financial Management

  • Christian Brothers High School tuition will remain financially accessible and will continue to secure sufficient financial aid funds to support students needing them.
  • Christian Brothers High School will ensure having a strong financial reserve that represents 20% of the school’s operating budget.

Advancement and Public Relations

  • Christian Brothers High School will implement a comprehensive Advancement Plan that supports the school’s operating budget through an annual fund program and those programs associated with Major and Planned Gift Giving and Capital Campaigns.
  • Christian Brothers High School will continue to support its Alumni Association and any other auxiliary group founded in support of the school.
  • Christian Brothers High School will coordinate the messaging of all public relations and marketing efforts, alumni/ae programs and those programs associated with any auxiliary support group.