Lasallian Educational Outcomes


Learning for College

Christian Brothers’ students will:

  • Acquire curricular knowledge/skills, personal discipline, and integrity required for academic success at the university-level.
  • Utilize sound educational planning and time-management skills that balance family life, academic achievement, co-curricular activities, and recreation.

Learning for Life

Christian Brothers’ students will:

  • Learn how to engage in collaborative work, moral reasoning, critical analysis, creative and reflective thinking.
  • Develop an understanding of 21st century literacies to access, evaluate, synthesize information and communicate effectively.
  • Respect and appreciate the diverse cultures, religious beliefs, economic backgrounds, and competencies of others.

Serving God

Christian Brothers’ students will:

  • Honor the presence of God in oneself, in others, and in all of God’s creation.
  • Understand the core beliefs, commitments, and practices of Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church.

Serving Others

Christian Brothers’ students will:

  • Be intellectually prepared to participate positively in a community of faith, civic affairs, and a global society.
  • Put faith into action by recognizing and responding proactively through service and advocacy to the needs of others, especially the poor and vulnerable.